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Feel free to join me on this crazy adventure called life. For my professional life, I’ve focused on informal education i.e. not the typical teacher in a classroom lecturing at her students but fun unique educational experiences in places like museums instead. I love learning about and sharing the beauty and craziness of the world with all ages in unique and fun ways. Not everyone learns the same way or grew up with the same educational background and therefore accessibility in these learning opportunities has always been a big focus for me.

Many of…

Use these tips to create your recipe for success

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I’ve had a long-term complicated relationship with mornings. Growing up, my parents were early risers which de facto meant that we were an early riser family including weekly mass at 7am. I struggled with getting out of bed to the point that my brain would somehow either ignore or incorporate my alarm into my dreams. This led to some really stress inducing situations with my family and thereby with mornings as a concept. I eventually learned to be able to do the “tuck and roll” to get up and out in as little time as possible with the hope of…

A Poem

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Tiny pinpricks of light against an inky curtain

Playing hide and seek with city lights

Surging to unrestrained brilliance when left alone

Fascinating man, woman, and child alike over the eons

Creating pictures across the nighttime veil

People from ancient times and lore

Animals both real and mythological

Allowing the rabbit to frolic with the unicorn

And a royal family to rule over the northern sky

Callisto and her son, the bears, big and little

Run round and round, guiding lost travelers

Our stories written across the charcoal canvas

Deciphered through playing a child’s game

Little did we know what…

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter

Image Credit: NASA

You may have woken up this morning to some headlines concerning NASA, a helicopter called Ingenuity, and Mars. So, what happened? Why is it a big deal? What does it mean for the future of human spaceflight? Check out the answers to these questions and others below. Please feel free to check out the resources at the end of the article for more details on Ingenuity, Perseverance, and Mars as this is not meant to be an in-depth article.

What is Ingenuity?

Ingenuity is a small (4lb 19 in/ 0.49 meter) autonomous aircraft with counter-rotating blades with a span of about 4 feet…

Check out astronomical objects in and around the Orion constellation before it’s gone for the season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Flame Nebula Image credit: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 4/12/2021

April 12th’s NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (above) is of the Flame Nebula and Alnitak, the star in the bottom left of the image. Both of these are located in the constellation Orion, the hunter, with Alnitak being the easternmost star in the belt. Orion is a wonderful constellation to view especially for beginner stargazers as it has a number of fascinating astronomical items inside of it to teach us about the universe. …

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