What I Wish I Had Been Taught About Art Series

Art Doesn’t Need to Be Fancy or High-Brow

The key is creating something that speaks to you

Three fuse bead creations (tiny circular beads of different colors that melt fuse together when heat is applied that you can use to create patterns, objects, etc.). They are situated in a triangle. On top is an insect with a dark brown and light tan body and wings of pink with purple edges. On the bottom left is a green turtle with a yellow pattern on its dark green shell in contrast to its light green body. On the bottom right is a fishbowl with water, fish, bubbles, a plant, and sediment.
Photo by the author of her latest fuse bead creations.

When we learn about art, we’re shown the masters as examples, art pieces that are often featured in museums: detailed paintings, life-like sculptures, gorgeous photographs. Our own art is judged by how “good”…



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Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie

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