What I Wish I Had Learned About Art Series

Art, Life, Science Lessons In “They All Saw A Cat”

A fascinating children’s book on art and life

Two cats on a bright blue, yellow, and white rug. The cat in the top of the picture is a long-haired orange Maine Coon, Jack. The cat in the bottom of the picture is a short-haired gray and black tabby, Emma.
Photo by the author of her cat Jack (the big orange Maine Coon at the top) and their guest, Emma, (the tabby gray and black at the bottom). Both very different cats, neither perhaps fitting a visual definition of a cat based on this picture. Would a child who has never seen a cat know what they are? And what do they see? Perhaps another cat?

I have a little two-year-old nephew who, despite the fact that both of his parents are dog people and have only had dogs for both his whole life and before, loves cats.



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Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie


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