`What I Wish I Had Learned About Art Series

Do What You Can, How You Can

Adapting your art(time) to your current reality

A small clear plastic box of petrified wood sits at the bottom left center fo the frame with the National Park card that came with it to the right. Above them are two canvases, waiting for the author to add the petrified wood onto to create a piece of art.
Photo by the author of her adapted art project for the week.

When starting a new skill of any kind, consistent practice is key to success. And yet, life gets in the way. There’s an unexpected work emergency/ project. There’s a family emergency. You just have a rough day. As many a modern philosopher…



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Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie

Curious Above All Else | Top Writer in Space | A little bit of everything: Science, books, life, self-care, fiction, poetry, nonprofits, and business