Monday Astronomy Picture Ponderings 7/18/22

James Webb Space Telescope’s First Images

Let’s gape at the wonder of the universe together

Heading reads: “James Webb Space Telescope’s First Images”. Beneath the heading is a row of three square images: Webb’s First Deep Field of thousands of galaxies, Webb’s Southern Ring Nebula of the planetary nebula, and Webb’s Stephan’s Quintet an unusual grouping of 5 galaxies. Underneath those is a longer, landscape style image of Webb’s Carina Nebula showcasing the “cliffs” of gas along the bottom edge stretching to the center and then blue black sky beyond at the top with pinpricks of light.
Image Compilation made by the author in Canva. All images from the NASA James Webb Space Telescope, Public Domain

Welcome back to the Monday Astronomy Picture Ponderings (MAPPs) series where every Monday I normally pick one of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) entries from the past seven days to focus on in some way.



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