Monday Astronomy Picture Ponderings 3/28/2022

Sunlight as seen behind Pluto and reflections on a moon’s seas

A collage of two images side by side. On the left is a vertical image of the dwarf planet Pluto blocking the Sun as the New Horizons probe takes the picture from the night/ dark/ far side of the dwarf planet with the Sun on the other side. On the right is a smaller, more square image of sunlight reflecting off the greenish surface of Titan, Saturn’s moon. Under each image are the title and image credit.
Photo collage made by the author in Canva, using two NASA images from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day on March 26th and March 27th of 2022 (from left to right). The one on the left is of Pluto from the far/ night side of the dwarf planet NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Institute while the one on the right is of Saturn’s moon Titan featuring the methane seas that reflect sunlight from NASA, JPL-Caltech, U. Arizona, U. Idaho. NASA images are in the public domain, official guidelines for their use can be found here, including educational purposes, such as this post.



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