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Using Your Walls as a Canvas

Tips for unleashing your creativity in your home, even if you rent

Sarah Marie
12 min readJun 1, 2022
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

Despite what you think of when you hear the word ‘art’, there are ways that you can participate in art even if you don’t utilize the “standard” tools.

Your home is a canvas. No, really. You decide what you want to create with your home. And not just on the walls, but in every cubic inch. Each room has endless possibilities to create and the choices you make within those rooms can greatly affect how you use the space.

Interior design is this funny field. Most of us don’t believe we’re very good at it, or even that we shouldn’t want to be that focused on it. It’s often associated with that 50s housewife who spent the entire day slightly fiddling with each minuscule aspect of her home since she had “nothing else to do” (a homemaker, in reality, has at least three jobs in one despite the stigma).

But we have to live in our home. It should be a welcoming environment. Each room should be set up in a way that enables its inhabitants to do the job that is associated with that room. A kitchen should enable cooking and perhaps dining. A bedroom should enable productive sleep as well as other introspective and calming activities. A bathroom should enable effective daily hygiene. A home office should enable effective work. A living room should enable relaxation/ hosting of visitors.

For all of these rooms to do their job as effectively as possible, enabling us to do specific activities, we have to create them in an effective and pleasing way. And yet, we are often so busy with work and management of life (chores, errands, etc.) that the house becomes a background, simply a shell in which we live (that we have to clean). For these rooms to be used effectively, someone has to make customizations that will help the specific inhabitants to use each room as effectively as possible.

So, how can we customize our house to best effectively perform our necessary duties in fun, creative, easy, and budget-friendly ways? How can we inject some artsiness into simply making our home a better place to live? How can we practice art with our home as opposed to what we…



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